It's a scary place out there.

Hi, I'm Steph. I'm 18. Born July 2nd. I love music . Lifelong derby fan! I like 1D, Frerard, Drarry, Merthur RHCP, arctic monkeys, the smiths, the cure and more! I LOVE DOCTOR WHO! I'm just your tiny little multifandom blog!Doing my second year of A-levels! WARNING THIS BLOG MAY BE TRIGGERING!Message me if you need help. Don't give up, you have to hope that one day it will get better! Have a great day! xx

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what if professor utonium actually added chemical XD


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When contemplating a $15.00 purchase

10-year-old me:Wow idk that's a lot of money
15-year-old me:Kickass, that's so cheap
20-year-old me:Wow idk that's a lot of money


why is there even such a controversy over why girls are doing better in school. why is this an issue. why cant you just accept for once that men are not fucking better than everything. there is actual proof that girls perform better than boys in school in england but men literally can’t handle that and they have to make up like ten million fucking excuses holy shit

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reminder that interracial relationships can exist without white people

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Ferguson protesters gather for highway shutdown.

Part 2

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the most stressful post on this website

The fact that I’m not mobile and had to wait for some of these to load…

Don’t forget the worst one of all:


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